Bay fishing for Mac tuna in a kayak

Tuna Fishing

Hey, Freaks! It has been a long time since you guys have heard from me but the good news is that with all this amazing weather the fish are going off!


I have been spending all my spare time out in the bay chasing tuna down in the boat and having some serious fun BUT… my real goal was to hook some of those torpedos in my yak. I had a day off work and had tuna on my mind, so the night before I packed the yak on the roof of my car, ready to get out there nice and early so that the high tide at sunrise and a nice flat ocean would be waiting for me as soon as I arrived.


I have found that the tuna seem to go off more at the top of the tide where I usually chase them. My plan was to troll a hard body lure out into the bay, then follow the schools around and try to hook some big fish. Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve my goal that day, which was to land a long tail tuna in the yak, but I did manage a Mac Tuna.

While I was paddling out, my hard body got hit on the troll but it was only small… it was a grinner but while I was unhooking him a tuna school came up about 100m away and I quickly paddled over and began casting. On the second cast, bang – my reel started to scream as it pulled line off at incredible speeds, towing the kayak around. While in the yak you know you’re having a good day when a fish in dragging you around. It’s one of my favourite things! After a few quick photos, back he went and off I went to try for some long tails busting up not far away but I didn’t manage to hook any.


I cannot even express how frustrating it was to watch countless longies over 1m only 10m away and not hooking one! But that’s part of the game I suppose. The lures I have been using for the tuna were zman 3.75 inch and 5 inch streakz. The tuna love them.


I wouldn’t have had such an awesome day if it weren’t for my stealthy kayak. I couldn’t get close to the longies in the boat at all and to top it off having a pod of dolphins come to check out the kayak and swim along with you for a while was pretty cool. So until next time I hope you all brave the cold and get out in your yaks for some winter fun because it’s time for jewies and I hope to be writing to you guys about them next month.




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