The Low Down on Trolleys

Kayak trolleys

You only need to haul a fully loaded kayak on your back over a weekend before you realise that a kayak trolley is a worthy investment.


Which trolley to use? I hate to get all cliche but how long is a piece of string?


Some of the variables to consider might include :

  • size
  • weight
  • type of terrain you frequent
  • budget


There is much debate surrounding the plug in cart with hundreds of threads on any given forum about how a plug in will warp and damage the scuppers. I personally take the view that every type of trolley has its place and a plug in cart used correctly can be useful.


I thought it worthwhile to provide a brief comparison on two of the more popular trolleys that dominate the market:




 C-TugAluminium Trolley
Price (RRP)$139.00$79.00
  C-Tug Trolley Kayak Trolley Main
Weight Capacity120kg80kg
Wheel TypeSolid puncture freePneumatic

*prices as per


Although the general alum trolley is a fair bit cheaper, there are other elements to each item that you should consider when selecting a trolley.


For instance, the C-Tug trolley construction is a reinforced composite material making it virtually fault free. It is super strong, corrosion resistant and the only metal component is a quality Stainless Steel axle.

The C-tug wheel offers a wide surface area for greater traction and you can even double the footprint width with the addition of the sidewinder attachment. This unit is designed to accommodate most kayaks comfortably and the rubberised seat pads give peace of mind that your prized possession is not going to get damaged during transit. The C-tug breaks down relatively easily and fits into most kayak hatches. Where some units may give the feeling of being unbalanced when installed, the C-Tug is well balanced and gives the user confidences to pull or push the kayak in whatever direction needed.


I like the construction of the aluminium trolley because it feels light but sturdy and the aluminium construction gives it a certain degree of corrosion resistance. The inflatable wheels are easily detached and being a fairly generic size, they will always be easily replaced. Foam covers protect the hull of the kayak and this unit also folds compactly for easy storage.


Both trolleys may essentially do the same thing but for me, the C-tug is much more refined and gives the appearance of a far better-constructed piece of equipment.


I hope this article provides a useful insight into kayak trolleys and keep yakkin’



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