Freak Sports Australia offers a 12 months limited warranty for all its accessories and kayak parts as well as up to 5 year limited warranty on all kayak hulls under Freak brand, which limits your product to be free of any manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials as well as  kayak hull discolouration and/or leaking with the exceptions as stated below. Any part or parts replaced or repaired hereafter shall be warranted as an original part or parts purchased by the consumer.

This warranty shall be effective from the date of purchase via our website and/or upon registration via our  website following a purchase from a retailer or other internet listings (such as eBay or other). The customer  is to be responsible for contacting us with their personal details and or visiting our website for registering for warranty within 90 days and with a proof of purchase.

Factory seconds, and/or display stock shall be entitled for a 30 day limited warranty and only applies to the original owner. However, Freak Sports Australia reserves the right to choose the final warranty resolution.

Kayaks found with minor defects (such as, but not limited to pinholes) are liable for repair and/or replacement where repair cannot be offered or found to be unsuccessfully repaired. Option to repair or replace kayak and/or parts of a given kayak is determined against damages and at the discretion of Freak Sports Australia. Other warranties such manufacturer warranties may override our warranties. Some exclusion may apply.

This warranty has its limits, terms, and conditions when making any warranty claims. No warranty will be provided for:

  • Normal wear and tear or as a result of abuse or poor maintenance;
  • Damage caused by any alterations (other than those carried out by Freak Sports), modifications, storage or anchorage to kayak.;
  • Transportation of kayaks; significant or incidental damage to kayak and/or personal property;
  • Damage due to failure of following procedures and instructions provided.;
  • Kayaks used for commercial use, such as kayak hire or/and the like;
  • Claims made by persons other than person who made the purchase;
  • Damage by Freight Company whilst in transit. These claims shall be made with the Freight Company, provided appropriate indemnity is purchased upon accepting shipping terms and conditions. Freak Sports is not in any way affiliated with the shipping company and shall not be held accountable for any damage caused to any items purchased from us;
  • This product used for any activity other than an activity that is normal for this type of product;