Buying a Kayak – Why Hull Design and Stability Matter


Buying a kayak can be a daunting experience because there is a lot to think about, especially if you haven’t bought one previously. Factors such as weight rating, kayak weight, width, and length are all important but may seem a little hard to get your head around. One of the most critical factors in picking […]

COVID-19 Notice

Dear Value Customers, Freak Sports Australia (FSA) wants to feel confident about the efforts we’re taking to comply to the Government requirements in regard to COVID-19 (coronavirus). All of our stakeholders are important to us, including employees, suppliers and customer. Health and safety remain our top priority and we have proactively taken actions as part […]

10 Kayak Fishing Accessories That Will Make A Difference

New to kayak fishing, wondering what accessories you really need, and which accessories really make a difference to your kayak fishing adventures? Any experienced kayak angler will tell you there are key accessories that really do make a difference, accessories they will not be without on any kayak fishing trip. These 10 key kayak fishing […]