About Us

Who We Are

Freak Sports is more than just another online retailer, as a small business start-up we began our operations from our very own homes! We now own and operate our paddle store and warehouse facility, which holds over 500 kayaks alone plus other stock including kayak accessories. Our main office is directly above our warehouse. Here we dedicate our time to sourcing new products, product research and development, marketing operations and general logistics.

What We Do

Since our humble beginning in 2012 Freak Sports Australia has grown exponentially and is fast becoming Australia’s most popular and trusted suppliers of fishing kayaks and paddle gear. But that’s just the beginning! We have a huge range of recreational kayaks that suit every need and have expanded our product range to include essential kayaking and water sports accessories as well as Railblaza accessories.

Why shop with us

We are dedicated to providing products that do the job, are functional and exceed quality expectations. We believe in listening to user experience and feedback and we make continuous effort to improve our products.
Apart from great quality and affordable products you can rest assured that there will be always someone to talk to one-on-one and over the phone – after all our service is what we pride on, we are fellow kayakers and we do enjoy listening to you!



Product Expert

Dave is always burning the midnight oil developing the next strategy or IT functions like a hyperactive kid who can’t sit still. To burn off some of that energy Dave finds himself outdoors either kayaking or playing ball.


Master Handshaker

If there is an off switch for Drazen, it is incredibly well hidden. He is constantly on, working on creative strategies and is endlessly on the hunt for another cool and freaky product. Other times you’ll find him on his kayak chasing some Bass.


The FREAK team is the soul of Freak Sports and consists of the Marketing spin doctors (Maria and Thy), Web and Digital Media geek (Iggy) and our well valued field staff Jon, Sharney and Keegan (sponsored keen kayak fisho’s that are happy to share their adventures with all the freak community).


Design & Marketing Diva

Diva Maria makes Freak look awesome, eccentric and daring through creative brand marketing and graphics designs. She will always find time to post something interesting on Facebook, unless she is in a body combat class working on her punches.


Marketing Spin Doctor

Oversees the planning, development, and execution of marketing campaigns and always loves a laugh. Thy is a sports junkie and spends every spare moment staying active, either playing volleyball or at the gym.


Web and Digital Media Geek

This guy is like the phantom of all things digital and IT. We don’t see Iggy that often, mostly because he is probably installing another cool widget on our already sexy website. Other than that Iggy loves to play World of Warcraft and drink beer… lots of it!


Ambassador (Angler)

Jon has been with Freak Sports for over a year now producing fantastic kayak fishing videos and blog stories for all you freaky fans. When Jon’s not chasing Sooties, he will be chasing Bass cos Jon loves NOTHING more than fishing.


Ambassador (Kayaker/Angler)

Keegan loves nothing more then fishing and exploring new waters in his assassin GT, the extra early wake ups and countless hours spent paddling / dragging rivers and creeks might not always pay off,  but when it does, it welcomes memories that will last a life time. And it sure beats staying in bed!


Sponsored Angler

Sharney is passionate about fishing as she is being a mum, well almost. But she does spend every spare moment fishing, kayaking and outdoors and juggling it all while being a mum! She reckons her biggest fish was caught while half asleep, and that was apparently a bad day, although she believes that her worst day fishing is still better than her best day at work.


Field Staff (Angler)

Wade is a Qld based fishing guide who is well respected as a skilled angler. When he’s not fishing he writes feature articles for Bush “n” Beach and Blade Kayak Fishing Journal. His favourite fishing disciplines are Kayak fishing and Fly fishing.


Ambassador (Kayaker/Angler)

When Steve is not at home or at work there is only one other place he will be and that’s paddling around in the kayak trying to rustle up some fish. He loves nothing more than the thrill of the fish hitting that lure when you are sitting so close to the surface of the water.


Ambassador (Adventure Seeker)

Jess does not say ‘no’ to adventure. She’s sailed across the Pacific Ocean, lived with coyotes in Canada & dived a bunch of WW2 fighter planes in the Marshall Islands. Now she’s home, Jess will satisfy her wild side exploring Australia in her new Assassin.


Our promise to you

Freak products are made overseas, but with great quality control and inspection and that is why we can offer you great prices together with up to 5 year warranty on every Freak yak and accessory. We are an Aussie owned and registered business and our team lives and breathes outdoors and our mission is to deliver industry leading customer service by our friendly and experienced ‘Freaks’.

We are not just a website

Freak Sports is not just an online seller, we also have a physical presence where you are welcome to come and view the full range of kayaks and accessories.
Our shop and warehouse facility is located at 2/11 Lensworth Street, Coopers Plains, just 20 km south of Brisbane CBD and is open to the public Mondays through to Saturdays.

Connect with us

Freak Sports also has a growing community of keen kayakers, fishermen (and ladies) and outdoors junkies on Facebook and YouTube. So, don’t wait any longer! Join us today to check out our kayaking and fishing events and meet other kayakers and fishos.