Ultimate Guide For A Long Weekend Camping

Long Weekend Camping - Freak Sports Australia

With multiple long weekends over the next few weeks you most likely (like many others) have been planning a mini-camping trip – and if not, you definitely need to start to plan one.

Truth is that during this time there will be many people looking to take time off their busy lives and catch a breath of pure air outside the city. That’s why you may find yourself sharing a not-so-private outdoors area and a not-so-quiet time away. So here is the ultimate guide to plan your weekend away without losing hope.

  1. Set a date: Now you want to be very careful with the date you choose. Chances are that if you decide to go for the long Easter weekend you may find that most of the camping grounds or popular camping spots will be either booked or overly cramped. There are multiple public holidays in April and some like Anzac Day or Labour Day may be a better choice to go away.
  2. Camping site: So if you definitely want to go away during Easter make sure you have done your research and booked a site in advance, trust me otherwise you will end up camping in your local park. Otherwise, if you have chosen a different date, go for your life and take your pick, but consider what is exactly you are after. For example, if you are like me and like your fair share of relaxation time vs activities A.K.A kayaking (and fishing for the hubby), then make sure you choose somewhere with easy access to the river, creek, or dam. There are many camping sites close to dams, however, make sure you choose one that has boat speed restriction zones or doesn’t allow motorised boats in the dam, as you don’t want to be run over while paddling. My choice is Lake Somerset a camping site close to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Remember to always arrive EARLY to any camping site, as it will give you the advantage to choose the best spot and of course enjoy more of your time off.
  3. Camping gear: You want to be wise choosing what to take, obviously the essentials without basically taking your whole home. Remember you are camping for a few days so you need gear that is easy to transport, pack and wash. I am an absolute fan of Sea to Summit collapsible bowl, plates and cups, one of my absolute essentials is also the JetBoil cooking system which is extremely portable and can double for cooking food as well as for making your fresh brew of morning coffee – #winning. Also, the JetBoil comes in handy always as many camping sites don’t allow campfires. Don’t forget your tent and your sleeping mat, make sure you choose a good quality insulated mat to avoid the moist going through it. I suggest the Sea to Summit ultralight mat. And of course, don’t forget your pillow, but don’t be like me carrying your bed pillow and taking up space whilst getting it dirty – check out this inflatable ergonomic pillow from Sea To Summit.
  4. Lighting: this one has its own dot point because it’s super important. Don’t underestimate the importance of light! Make sure you get a good LED light for your site and avoid light envy. Also, remember that you will be walking around the dark to go to the facilities or looking for things so make sure you have a reliable headlamp handy to avoid broken legs.
  5. Kayak and fishing gear: for the fun part of the trip make sure you definitely pack your yaks. I have an AssasinGT kayak that I mostly use for recreational purposes, however, my fishing addict hubby has a Torpedo10. Make sure you pack all your fishing/paddling gear on your car, and if you are after roof racks and tie downs check the website for transport choices. Last but not least don’t forget your camera or GoPro, what is a weekend away without a couple of happy snaps? #couplegoals
  6. During your camping trip: Avoid leaving any food outside during the night as you will get nocturnal visitors (and you will most likely have a panic attack). Put everything away and lock it up in plastic containers. It helps to have a quality cooler like the Freak ChillMate to keep all your food/drinks safe and cool during your break.
  7. Don’t forget to have fun: mistakes happen and things may not go to plan but remember to relax and enjoy the quiet time – after all, that’s why you went through all the trouble right? Enjoy the beautiful outdoors, spend time with your loved ones and experience life away from suburbia. Laugh at the unexpected and enjoy the little things in live.

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