Torpedo Pro Angler Series II Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

Torpedo Series II Fishing Kayak - Freak Sports Australia

Our 1-Series of Torpedo Pro Angler sit on top fishing kayak have done the job of bringing the goods since they went on sale in late 2013 – delivering the perfect balance between an ocean and bay fishing boat due its speed and efficiency through water as well as a high and long bow for breaking through wakes and surf.

But the flagship boat just wasn’t the stellar performer we had anticipated. It went well enough, but its rudder system was found to be a marginal letdown due to its simplicity of the foot control system and the slightly stretchy rudder cable which provided less control.

Torpedo Kayak Rudderback - Freak Sports Australia

Of course, the launch of the 2-Series gives the boat a 2nd chance to rectify its reputation as the prominent ocean/bay fishing machine we had intended for. Whilst the boat’s hull remains unchanged, the rudder system has been directly improved providing greater precision and immediate response. Instead of sliding your feet forward and back as with standard pedals, your feet stay braced at all times. The upper pedals do the steering so your stability and balance are never compromised. Lets you maintain control while directing energy from your torso directly to your stroke (see the main picture). Other improvements include a single rudder release cord and the rudder it self is fitted with smooth pivot hinge and rudder keeper when transporting boat upside down.

This sit on top fishing kayak will come packed with larger rear flush mount rod holders capable of taking boat size fishing rods, Pro Angler kayak seat providing additional comfort and height, carbon style long distance paddle with deluxe paddle leash as well as all other standard accessories from its predecessor.

The good news is that – be it a Freak – the new bits and pieces are at no charge to the customer. Pricing will remain at $795 plus on road costs (shipping) with upgrades available for those who own the 2013 model or early 2014 model.

Torpedo Serries2 Kayak Top View - Freak Sports Australia

For those of you who have been closely following our feeds or anxiously waiting for your pre-order of the series II Torpedo Pro Angler sit on top fishing kayak, you would be happy to know that it is on its way. The new 2-Series should be in our showrooms by the middle of October 2014.



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