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Sorry for the late post guys been meaning to post this one for while just been a little busy, so please forgive me. :)

I can’t believe it’s Bass season already, I finally get to chase my second favourite fish.  It’s getting hot, the water has warmed up and the phone call is made… “Roachy you keen to try for some bass?” “Yeah mate and have I got a new spot for you” he said. So the kayak is loaded, tackle checked, rods rigged and I’m on the road again.

I just love the hour drive to the magic waters we chase natives in. We meet at a locked gate and he has the key and the land owner’s permission. On the drive down to the river, we saw awesome big gum trees everywhere. This property has the best launch site ever – a nice sandy beach. It didn’t take long to get into the water and away we went.

The only problem was I forgot the batteries for my go pro and I only had the ones that were in it – please let it be enough, I was thinking!!! We started hitting the snags when I spotted a beauty big log in the water with big rocks right beside it and a nice big bottle brush over hanging it, providing that sweet spot in the shade. The perfect cast hit the water and 1 second later I was being dragged into the snag. After a few back strokes I got him out and I was happy to open this season’s bass count with a 45cm bass. A few photos and away he went for another day.

Bass Fishing - Freak Sports Australia
Bass 1

My next snag was just as good and I was on again. This time he bricked me into the old bottle brush tree that was laying in the water – NOOOO! I could still feel him on but he was deep into the branches. After about 8 minutes of poking around, I got him out. Another 45. I was getting pretty happy, and it was custom to start asking Roachy why he wasn’t getting any fish. He motored off with his electric to get some more snags further down river and left me to my last snag which I managed a 38 cm bass. One of the smallest I have ever caught around this area.

Kayak Fishing - Freak Sports Australia
Bass 2

Still pumped, I fished on for a while longer with no more hits. I paddled up to Roachy only to find out he had matched my 3 – cheeky bugger. It was getting dark by now. Another successful trip to a beautiful spot surrounded by nature. I hold those waters close to heart because you get to experience some magic stuff while floating above them – with the shy platypus, the rare lung fish that scares the hell out of you when it takes a deep breath right behind you; to the snakes and water dragons; all this beautiful nature going on around you whilst catching prized fish like Bass, Saratoga, Tarpon, Mary River Cod and Yellow Belly. I have even heard of Sooty Grunter being caught. Just awesome.

Also, see the video

Jon Williams 7/09/2013

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