Pedal Kayaks

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If you are looking to explore local estuaries, rivers and dams, pedal kayaks will provide you with the benefit of having nothing but a rod holder in your hands, so you can focus on your next cast! Even better, once you have hooked up a fish, simply flick your rudder leaver into the direction you want to go and voila! With all the features of a pedal kayak, you can now just focus on guiding that fish into your net and onto the boat.
Pedal kayaks come in various sizes, from about 3m (10 foot) to about 4.3 m (14 foot) allowing for both light to heavy rigging and light to heavy weight capacities.
We stock elite brands such as Wilderness Systems, Old Town, Native Watercraft and Jackson Kayaks, who are continually raising the bar in research and development of pedal kayaks. Our expansive range is yet to be matched by any other retailer in Australia.
We are experts in shipping kayaks around Australia and can provide you the most competitive rates available.
We also offer Zip Pay payment, which allows you to buy your kayak now, and pay it off in instalments (Zip Pay T&Cs apply). If you are in the South Easy Queensland region, pop by our Coopers Plain showroom to view some of the pedal kayaks in store. Plus one of our pedal kayak specialists will be on hand with a wealth of information to help you enjoy your next fishing trip!