Drain Bung Plug with Base


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Coarse Thread Plug. Add a drain plug to your kayak. Both base and plug included, fasteners not included. The Sea Dog drain plug base is a common size and shape and can easily be used to replace a lost drain plug with the full assembly if the plug threads will not fit your existing base. (Coarsely Threaded.) Fits some Wilderness Systems, Heritage, Hobie and Perception kayaks. (Hole size is 1 inch. Oval area is 1.5 inches by 2 inches.) The plug is equipped with a retention clip to keep it from getting lost and can be removed if necessary. (A string tied to handle or strap eye can also be used.) The plug seals with an O-Ring to prevent leaks and silicone should be used to seal the base if installed as new or as a replacement.

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