Our Treat: Win a new Freak ‘Double Agent’ Kayak for Christmas!

Win A Double Kayak

This competition is now CLOSED.

Hi guys,

Christmas is finally around the corner and to celebrate the festive season we are giving you, our fans, the chance to win a BRAND NEW ‘Double Agent kayak’ so you can enjoy kayaking this Christmas!

We are feeling really festive and want to celebrate this holiday season with you, making sure that you get to enjoy this Aussie summer to its fullest!

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather this season by kayaking the great Aussie outdoors with friends and family or taking a mate for some kayak fishing …. the options are endless, you just have to get in the water!

Our Double Agent kayak package comes packed with features that you, your family and friends will surely enjoy.

So, what are we giving away to one lucky fan?

  • One Freak Double Agent kayak
  • Two light weight kayak paddles; and
  • Two deluxe seats (to keep you comfy in the water)

Check the complete specs of this kayak!




Win a Double Agent kayak - freak Sports Australia

TO WIN, here is what you have to do:


  1. Share the Christmas love with us and  “LIKE” our Facebook page
  2. Leave a comment below telling us what you love about FREAK kayaks and where you are planning to take this beauty if you are the lucky winner!



Andrew Winnin!!!

Number Generator

You are the lucky winner of a brand new FREAK Double Kayak, part of our Christmas Giveaway!

Contact us at enquiries@freaksports.com.au to sort our your amazing price! :)


 Terms and Conditions::

  1. There can only be 1 winner
  2. The competition will be closed 12 pm Monday 23th of December.
  3. The winner will be chosen at random.
  4. Participants must LIKE our Facebook page to be considered in this competition.
  5. Comments on our Facebook page will not be counted as entries!
  6. The colour of the kayak showed in the above images is an indicative only.Pick up from our Brisbane warehouse, color of the kayak may vary.

57 thoughts on “Our Treat: Win a new Freak ‘Double Agent’ Kayak for Christmas!

  1. fe says:

    I would to win this kayak and take it for a paddle with my friends along the beautibul Brisbane coast :)

    • Robb Ogilvie says:

      I love Freak Kayaks they are a well set up solid unit perfect for any paddling situation beach, river, fishing etc I woild love to take one of these beautys our on the Nambucca River NSW with a friend and fish the edges of the mangroves and deep gutters down river then catch the current back out to the river mouth with a hull full of a good days catch

  2. Stuart Grallelis says:

    Freak kayaks have solid built, great hull shapes, are stable and versatile and don’t cost a fortune for their good quality. I’d take the misso out on the dams and creeks in se qld.

  3. Wayne Rauscher says:

    Smooth lines, easy to paddle and fish seem to be attracted to them. I’d like to take it out on Lake Illawarra with my daughter so she can out fish me………again.

  4. Kris STEADMAN says:

    I’d paddle with my wife along the pumicstone passage, no better place during summer, particularly sharing the kayaking hobby!

  5. Wayne Hopwood says:


  6. Tim John says:

    They are just a great kayak, look awesome, nice and stable for fishing!!! Help me get fit and healthy.

  7. Tom Bettison says:

    Freak kayaks have a durable and good looking buold that chops through the water with ease, like a knife through butter. Their lightweight design allows for sharp turns and fast sprints to escape sharks and crocodiles, which means I can give my sister the slow one and I can escape on this beauty.

  8. Rick Reason says:

    The wife and i have Torpedo Pro Fishing Kayaks, to win a Double Agent would be great, to sit back have a beer and watch the day go by while the little lady does the paddling, or would it be she sits back take a few piccies while i do the paddling. : )

  9. Ben Jones says:

    I love the look of these. I dont own one yet….unless I win this comp. I would take my Daughter up the Brissy River and show her what a Amazing River we have as alot of people I know that have griwn here have no idea how amazing our river is. And I think a Freak Double agent woukd be the best and safest way for me to Show My Daughter the Brissy River

  10. Andrew Winnin says:

    My favourite thing about Freak Kayaks are that they look so well made and they are kitted up ready to go. With the river just up the road from me I’d be up there every other day!

  11. Shane Mackay says:

    My 12 yo daughter is a mad keen Murray cod fisho and we are blessed to live smack in the middle of cod count

  12. Ryan McDonald says:

    Getting my freak on in my new tandem kayak at south west rocks on the mid north coast of NSW. Help me tick that one off the bucket list :)

  13. Dylan Matthews says:

    I love the distinct look that a freak kayak has and let’s face it the quality of a freak is outstanding, and I would take it up the rivers and creeks and also around the coast of the beautiful whitsundays.

  14. Sue Ranisav says:

    We have recently bought three kayaks from freak sports. ..best thing we have bought for along time…kids are exercising …however another one would not go a stray. .our friends and their kids are lining up for a go….we recommend freaksports. .they are the best dealers in south east qld..we compared many suppiers and freak sports got our sales hands down…..great work guys

  15. Glenn Lancaster says:

    Beautifully made kayaks at affordable prices….. If I won this kayak I would take my son kayaking along the Tweed River to show him where his great grandfather used to fish before he passed away

  16. Ben Crossett says:

    My wife thinks my mid-life crisis has arrived and that this is the solution. Maybe so. It would be my first kayak but not my last as there are 3 kids who also think doing this is a great idea. Cruising and fishing Anderson’s Inlet in Victoria will be the destination of choice.

  17. Stephen Matthews says:

    I love the width of the freak double agent, at 88cm it would be nice and stable for when I take my daughter down to lake Fyann this holidays.

  18. Helen Creighton says:

    After researching many Kayaks, I came back to Freak kayaks as they are exactly the specifics I want in a kayak..size, weight, rotational mould, split oars etc.. I would like to take this beauty on the white water at Clarence River Wilderness Lodge & also up the mighty Clarence River.

  19. mick says:

    hey guys, ive had a freak kayak before and think there good quality for the price! :) I would be thrilled to have this yak for the members of our newly found fishing/kayaking club Anglers Equipped, also I dont think they would mind either! cheers :)

  20. Luke Brand says:

    I love Freak Kayaks because they look great, they’re fantastic value for money and they come with some nice accessories.

    I’d use a Freak double kayak to take my fiance out and explore south east Queensland’s waterways.

  21. Rhonda Webb-Reason says:

    The Hubby & I are going kayaking xmas day, and is looking like my mum will be with us now. It is going to be a bit hard to have her sitting on my lap so a double kayak would come in really handy, my mum would have fun!

  22. Orlando Mendoza says:

    HA! What’s NOT to like about Freak Kayaks? They’re awesome! Maiden voyage would be at Tallebudgera with my adventure seeking daughter (:

  23. Bailey White says:

    I have heard really good reviews about freak sports and how good your Kayaks are. I also have been researching around for kayaks for along time and these ones are by far a lot better. I would take this kayak to the Yarra river and kayak around there and also to explore the many great features of Australian beaches, lakes and rivers

  24. Dorian Battistella says:

    I have wished for a kayak for many past birthday’s and christmas’ but have not received one as my parents can not afford one. we have a place at Lorne, Vic, and we also go up to the rivers near Santa Monica, Vic. This would be very useful to our whole family. Me and my dad love to fish and having one of these would definitely help me to have some quality Father, Son time with him. The Kayak will get plenty of use 100% guarantee . I really hope i win this competition. Thanks heaps for holding this comp and Merry Christmas!

  25. Zac Thorpe says:

    If I won this my brother and I would be fishing every creek and dam around Mackay, this would be perfect as we don’t own a boat!

  26. maree polwarth says:

    I would love to win this double kayak and take it out to waranga basin with a mate and throw in a line.

  27. David Turner says:

    Freak make some of the most fishtastic looking yaks that I have ever come across and the colours are just pimped up like the camo range. would love to take my wife up the great lakes in the summer chasing Tassies finest trout. A nice weekend away from the kids :)

  28. Shaun chambers says:

    If we were lucky enough to win this kayak, my wife and I would be able to take it up and down noosa river and lake weyba. We have never owned a kayak but had a great time kayaking around queenstown NZ last year.

  29. GEMMA Pascoe says:

    Love the name, and the price is such great value for money! What better way could you get to enjoy our beautiful waterways and the Australian outdoors than sitting out on the water in a FREAK kayak! I would love to take my two boys for their first kayak trip up the sunny coast and show them what great adventures are out there to be had!

  30. Vanessa Boal says:

    Freak’s awesome Christmas spirit would see this beauty dipping into salt and fresh water. Tin Can Bay would be our maiden voyage, then inland dams like Boondoomba Dam and Lake Barambah – then anywhere else: Cunnamulla and the Warrego River would be great to try for murray cod. And I promise to not make my man do all the paddling while I set the lines!

  31. Paul Welzel says:

    I live near the Nepean River and have wanted to explore the river for years. The Double Agent Kayak looks awesome and the specs are better than any other I have looked at. Would love to win and take the kids on some adventures up the river.

  32. Tracey Gourlay says:

    Me and my partner habe been checking these out and have been trying to decide single or double winning this would make our minds up. We wouldtake it in the port River adelaide to see the dolphins and explore the river where a boat cannot get to

  33. Krystle Thompson says:

    I love that the Double Agent is well priced and will allow me to share adventure, fun and happy memories with my husband and friends. Winning this beauty we would be heading straight to Lake Monduran for some Barra Fishing! Imagine catching a 1m Barra out of it… can’t wait to send you a pic.

  34. Ellie says:

    Looks like it would be so much fun! I would take it out on the bay around Wellington Point/King Island :)

  35. Matt Lyons says:

    Having an insane yak like the Double Agent at my disposal would be a dream! My dad and I would hit up a few of our favourite snags in the search of Sooty and Toga, and most importantly the bragging rights that come along with landing them.

  36. Gavin says:

    Design is beautiful, looks great in the water, versatile enough to paddle for fun or for a fish. Looks comfortable enough to spend the whole day out.

  37. kellie perkins says:

    We have 5 freak yaks in our family and could always do with more! Awesome service awesome yak …this yak would come with me where ever I go

  38. Michelle Higgins says:

    We love your kayaks as we have brought two for our girls for Christmas so winning this double one would be fantastic for my husband and I as we would all have a kayak to use together! Merry Christmas!

  39. Tee says:

    I like the handsome guys that sell the kayaks! I’ll take the kayaks and the boys on a romantic paddle on the Brizzie river ;)

  40. Azhar Khan says:

    What I love about FREAK kayaks
    Only just discovered them but off the bat I love their social profiles, especially Insta and YouTube which clearly shows they are a community passionate about what they do, their photography which make me envious, their website and off course, their promotion!

    Where I am planning to take this beauty
    Out to sea to see if I can find some whales amongst other exciting marine life :D
    And maybe one day, I would use it or my next purchase from Sea Kayaks to attempt to cross the ditch

  41. Joshua martin says:

    I have just moved to tassie with my parents and im saving for a kayak! I love fishing and this would be great for trout fishing up the freshwater streams and to just check out tassie really.
    My dad likes fishing so this would be a good excuse to get out and do a bit more.
    Plus this kayak looks pretty sick. Cheers

  42. Emanuel Calligeros says:

    My daughters getting married,
    And the cash is all gone,
    To get a Freak yak is a dream gone wrong,
    But here’s a chance to win this one,
    Oh so much joy and so much fun.
    Ho Ho Ho with so much cheer,
    To win this Freak Kayak says Santa’s been here.

  43. Lee Smith says:

    There would be nothing better than to take that beauty on to the amazing waters around Queensland!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Kris Ahn says:

    Your kayaks seem very affordable and yet capable.

    I own a jeep and I would love to moubt it on top and drive to places all over the Eastern coast of Qld and NSW. It would be awesome because I am moving to Brisbane to Sydney in End of Jan. It would be an Awesome marketing for you guys in Sydney ;)
    Your kayak on my red jeep ;)


  45. Rahim Gulamali (Rahimos Breda) says:

    We would really like to win this kayak as this would be the perfect christmas present for my brothers family, whom we are staying with this month. It will be used extensively as they are an adventurous family. They live by the riverside and like to go off roading regularly… The kayak will off course be taken along on all the adventures to come that involve any water!

  46. Matt says:

    So impressed with Freak Kayaks! We have just purchased one as a gift for our parents and are now so jealous and really wish we could have one for ourselves! They are awesome and such good value for money. Would love to take this all around the Sunshine Coast – from paddling around Ewen Maddock dam to fishing in Pummicestone Passage at Caloundra, what better way to spend the weekend!

  47. Matthew Green says:

    I’d love to win this promotion as I’ve recently moved to Lota and coming home from work and going paddling with the GF would be great!

  48. Dominic BD says:

    I love these kayaks ! They are awesome and so reliable and so many people love them I would love to be able to go kayaking with my family up in Coffs Harbour and the mornington peninsula!!! It would be awesome

  49. Dave McLeod says:

    I love the tandem idea…I have a couple of mates in poor health and I would love to provide assisted passage for em (one at a time!!!) around Great Sandy Straits fishin’n’campin. The “bigger person” stability mentioned in the specs is important cos I ain’t exactly small!!! I would also love to go solo across Great Sandy Straits to Fraser Island for plenty of camping and fishing along the way. And when we go to Agnes Water early December each year I could spend days paddling around Baffle Creeks 70 km of near pristine waterways.

  50. paul cochrane says:

    what i like about freak-kayak are the colour thay come in look very nice .if i win straight to the bay esky fishing rods gopro have some fun with the kids cheers and merry christmas

  51. Jenny heskett says:

    I purchased 2 torpedo not so long ago for my husband and myself now our boys want to come out with us, so we would use it for them to tag along…love my kayak

  52. Grant S says:

    If I won the double kayak, I would pass the christmas love on and give it to my Dad, so he can go fishing in the creeks around Tasmania on his holiday next month.

  53. Stuart Carr says:

    If I won this kayak, i would paddle to the moon and back with the wifey telling me which way to go.

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