JUST IN! Fitting Rod holders and other accessories to RIB’s & Inflatable boats just got so much easier.

Save time and effort because you no longer need a specialised installation kit, or to work with messy glues to install accessories to your RIB or Inflatable, a 3M VHB is now supplied with every RIBPort pack. Just peel the 3M back and stick the RIBPort mount to your inflatable boat or kayak, then fit any of your favourite RAILBLAZA accessories. With the RIBPort VHB pad you can install in the comfort of  your own garage following the provided instructions. The team at Railblaza have run extensive trials on Hypalon, PVC & Polyethlene inflatable craft and also recommend the VHB pad for use on epoxy SUP’s or surfboards.

The RIBPort can also be attached using the same glues as used to attach handles etc to RIB’s and inflatables.