Blazing the Assassin!

A Step by Step Guide to Installing Railblaza TracPort Dash System

If there is one thing I love more than acquiring more tackle than one man can ever possibly use, it’s pimping my kayaks.
My new Assassin GT from Freak Sports Australia was crying out to be pimped so I decided the Railblaza TracPort Dash Kit was a great place to start. The TracPort is a great storage solution when you have limited space and you wish to install several items to have at your disposal. The following guide is just that, a guide. There are numerous techniques to installing equipment on your ride and the best bit of advice I can give is that you should head out on your kayak and think about the items that would improve your paddling and take a marker pen to pin point areas that are comfortable to you.

Step 1: Place the StarPort in your chosen location and ensure that it is easily accessible and does not impede your movement within the yak. (I have chosen to recess mount mine because I have access to inside the hull through front hatch). Mark out the centre of the recessed with a marker pen.

Marking Drill Hole

Step 2: Drill out the centre section using a 32mm hole saw and clean up the cut using a fine sanding file.

Drilling Kayak

Step 3: Apply a minimal amount of marine sealant to the rubber gasket to prevent the opportunity for water to enter the inside of the hull.

Rubber Gasket Sealing

Step 4: Place the collar to the under side and secure the bolts and nuts supplied in the star port kit.

Star Port in Place

Step 5: Install the appropriate extender depending on desired height (I used the 130mm adjustable extender) and simply place the TracPort on top, using the lock slide to secure.

Railblaza Kayak Accessories Installed

Step 6: Install your chosen accessories and ENJOY.


Railblaza items used :

Adjustable Extender
TracPort Dash 350
Three Axis Platform
Mobi Univeral Mobile Device Holder
Rod Holder II

All items can be purchased online or at our store. For more info about paddle sports accessories from Railblaza accessories, you can visit their website directly.

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